Tips For Hog Hunting At Night

Wild pigs have become a real problem in many states in America. Each year, they cause damage to the country’s economy, estimated at $ 2.5 billion. Despite everyone’s efforts, the number of pigs continues to increase. In order to contain the increase in livestock, many states have recognized the pig as an invasive species and removed the restrictions on hunting. Our article covers the most pressing questions of hunters, arising when hunting a wild pig. Using these simple techniques, you are sure to get a trophy, and your district will get rid of the dangerous neighborhood.

The raid problem

The problem of raids has been around for a long time and pose a real threat to people, ecosystems, households and farms, and the economy as a whole.

In some states, wild boar populations have reached catastrophic proportions.

In states such as Texas, more than 60% of the herd needs to be removed to contain the increase in the number of pigs. In reality, hunters harvest about 1%. As a result, a person gets a real swine disaster.

In addition to these serious problems, pigs destroy households, attack and infect livestock. Cases of human contact and collisions with vehicles are not uncommon.

In fact, to prevent collapse, humans have no choice but to artificially regulate the size of the herd of pigs. Hunting is part of a herd management program. Let’s take a look at some tips from experienced hunters that will increase the chances of a successful hunt.

When is the best time to hunt feral hogs?

Massive daytime hunting forced the boar to be more secretive and feed at night. Naturally, the best moment is when the animals are busy eating and less attentive. Of course, there are certain difficulties with shooting in the dark, but modern technologies successfully solve these problems. Night vision devices or thermal imagers will allow you to accurately hit the target at night.

Hunt with Feeders

There is no doubt that feeders will allow you to steer the situation. Automatic feeders that dispense feed on a schedule are ideal. Equipped with a wireless camera, you are provided with the most comfortable and covert surveillance possible. If this is not possible, then this is not a problem. Sooner rather than later, hungry, voracious pigs smell the food and find themselves near the trough. The boar’s sense of smell allows it to smell up to 7 miles away. With the present abundance of pigs, there will definitely be more than one pig within a 7-mile radius. Pigs are crazy about corn, raspberry, strawberry, grape jelly. By scattering a bag of jelly in certain areas, you can stimulate the flock to move in the right direction.

Use Discreet Light

A dim light attached to the bottom of the trough will help improve visibility at dusk. Which would work better, green or red? Pigs cannot see green and red. The range of waves that the boar can see is limited to 540 nm. Most green lanterns operate at this wavelength and above. The red lantern has 620 nm or more. Therefore, both are suitable for hunting. But to the human eye, personal preference can play a key role. Solar-powered lights with motion sensors are very good. They are autonomous and do not require your presence.

Know Where to Hunt

Before you go hunting, you need to learn the rules for hunting wild pigs in your state. To do this, you need to visit your state’s website for the latest changes. The rules specify the type of weapon, the availability of a license, lanterns, the use of baits, traps, the sex of the animal, and time and number restrictions. In the same place, you can clarify the rules regarding hunting with a dog. When hunting in private property, you usually need a written permission from the owner.

We are sure that the problem with pig raids must be solved as soon as possible. If you don’t do this now, then at some point the situation will get out of control. And the losses will be catastrophic. Hunting allows, to some extent, to influence the number of livestock. In addition, for the country’s budget, it will be a profitable event. And it will be useful for the population to get a safer and more comfortable life than now.